The AtomStopFake project

Identification and analysis of sources and channels of disinformation in the nuclear sphere in Ukraine, creation of a platform for combating disinformation and formation of strategic communications with civil society and the media by debunking fakes and providing reliable information.

Disinformation about nuclear proliferation in Ukraine initiated by the Russian Federation began much earlier than February 2022 and was underestimated by the Ukrainian side. Fake information about Ukraine's development of nuclear weapons became one of the reasons for the invasion of Ukrainian territory and the launch of a "special operation" to launch a preemptive strike and protect Russian territory from a possible attack by Ukraine.

The project plans to expand the work of the website in Ukrainian and English, which will serve as a source of verified data on Ukraine's compliance with the nonproliferation regime, and create simple and clear channels of communication for civil society, journalists, and media with the expert community.

Target groups: opinion leaders, bloggers, journalists of national and international media, specialized institutions and experts in the field of nuclear and analytical research, national nuclear operator, active audience among Ukrainian citizens.



Founders of the project
Natalia Klos
Iryna Cherednychenko
Denys Bohush